Coun. Minerva McCourt, chair of the finance and administration committee, presented the Cornwall budget Wednesday evening.

The Town of Cornwall, P.E.I. tabled its budget Wednesday evening.

Highlights from the budget included:

  • $120,000 more in revenue and expenditures
  • $70,000 more on policing services
  • An end to transit funding effective in June
  • Water and sewer rates up $18/year for single family home

The extra money for policing is from a new agreement with the Town of Stratford, which provides for a shared civilian position to help with policing administration in the two towns.

The town had already made the decision to end transit service connecting Cornwall to Charlottetown, due to low ridership. Coun. Peter Meggs abstained from the budget vote in protest of the lack of transit funding. He said he had been hoping for a compromise solution.

"I felt that transit was one of the things that we should be committed to doing," said Meggs.

"I thought that if we looked at the budget closely enough, there were ways that perhaps we could come up with maybe not the full amount that we were allocating in previous years, but some kind of designation of funds that would allow a version of transit."

The increase in water and sewer rates, which comes to about 3.5 per cent, is to pay for extra staff in the department.  Residents will notice the increased fees on the next water bill.