Swimmers in the waters off Tracadie Beach got more than they bargained for with high winds Wednesday afternoon.

Three swimmers, all young women, were in the water for about half an hour before they managed to make it on their own to the Blooming Point peninsula, said Bob Morrison, chief of the North Shore Fire Department.

From there they were picked up by a lobster boat requisitioned by the fire department, which returned them to Tracadie Harbour.

The North Shore Fire Department and a search and rescue helicopter were called in to help.

“There was a number of people on a floating device that were being blown out to sea,” said Morrison. “They jumped off the device, tried to make their way to shore. With the wind, they could not make any headway, and we were called to do a rescue.”

Morrison said the young women were picked up by their mother and are all okay.

But he says all swimmers should be cautious when using inflatable flotation devices, particularly in strong winds.