The Lifesaving Society of P.E.I. is looking to run a special class for grade three students on the Island to teach them critical skills to survive in the water.

Swim to Survive classes are already offered to most grade three students in the other three Atlantic provinces, British Columbia and Ontario, and Adam Ross would like to teach the program here.

"We're on an island, we're surrounded by water, and it plays a big part in our society," said Ross.

"It's really key that kids know the survival skills and what to do in the event of an emergency."

Swim to Survive focuses on three skills children need to get themselves out of trouble in the water.

  1. How to right yourself and clear your airway if you fall into deep water.
  2. Tread water for one minute
  3. Swim 50 metres

Ross said statistics over the last 20 years show 67 per cent of people who drowned were within 15 meters of safety.

The society estimates the three hours of class time costs about $30 a student, for a total cost of around $42,000 for all grade three students on the Island, if the program was offered this year.

Ross hopes to run a Swim to Survive pilot program in Charlottetown later this school year, and he will then ask the provincial government to offer the program to all grade threes.

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