P.E.I. Lieutenant Governor Frank Lewis has invited people to consider a visit to Government House to capture their own piece of photographic history. The project is called 21 Top Hats.

Fathers of Confederation photo

The steps of Government House have been marked to indicate where the Fathers of Confederation were standing.

The idea is to take a picture in the exact place where the Fathers of Confederation had their only known group photo taken on the steps of the then-Governor's official residence on the morning of Sep. 6, 1864.

Lewis has invited people to contact Government House for an appointment to stage their own group photo in homage to the Fathers of Confederation. So that people can look the part, Government House has a number of top hats that they can wear. 

Of the 25 Fathers of Confederation who posed for the historic photo, 21 can be seen either wearing or holding a top hat. 

21 Top Hats is being proposed as a perfect group photo for families, service groups, convention delegates and even wedding parties. 

The steps of Government House have place markers to indicate where each of the Charlottetown Conference delegates stood or sat. In addition, an enlargement of the 1864 photo will be outside on weekdays. 

The times for photograph appointments are available from Monday to Friday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., except statutory holidays.