Penny Walsh McGuire

PEI 2014 executive director Penny Walsh McGuire (CBC)

PEI 2014 officials are hopeful most people who want to attend the free Concert for Canada on July 1, will be able to do so.

Ten thousand free passes have already been reserved. 

PEI 2014 executive director Penny Walsh McGuire says on the afternoon of the concert 5,000 more passes will also be given out.

The capacity for the concert site is set at 15 thousand people. But since the free concert has been widely advertised, it's unclear how many people will eventually show up.

Walsh McGuire said some people who reserved those original 10,000 passes may not actually go. She says those free access passes only guarantee entry until 7 p.m. and after that it's on a first-come-first-served basis, until the venue is full.

"Based on our understanding of events that are free there is always a percentage of those who reserve their passes who don't use them," said Walsh McGuire.

"We will be monitoring attendance in real time for the site capacity and communicating that via social media as well as through our media partners. We will keep the public well informed as to how capacity is at the site." 

Walsh McGuire acknowledges some people may try to sell the free passes.

"We of course cannot control what the public do with their passes beyond our issuing of them. But we do encourage people ... if they don't plan on using their passes, please share them with someone who might enjoy them."

The Concert for Canada line-up includes the Barenaked Ladies, Tegan and Sara, Classified, David Myles, Roch Voisin, Drum and George Canyon.