A survey about how the tourism season is doing on the Island is yielding mixed results so far, says the Tourism Industry Association of P.E.I.  

Don Cudmore, executive director of the association, says 550 surveys have been delivered to industry members.

"We've had 116 responses of which 78 per cent of them are accommodations. As usual it's kind of all over the map. About 26 per cent of the operators are are saying that their business is better than last year."

"About 32 per cent are saying that it's about the same as last year and 38 per cent are saying that it's worse than last year at this point," he said.

"That is probably a decent indicator of what the rest of the responses will be."

Cudmore said the mixed responses about the 2012 season come from across the Island.

The deadline for the surveys is next week.