Close to 200 Charlottetown residents in the Spring Park area will be getting a visit to check their plumbing.

The city is in the process of separating the combined stormwater and sewer system in the area.

Craig Walker,  the manager of the city’s utility, said the project is an effort to reduce floods and sewage overflow into the harbour.  

"In order for us to work with our customers, we need to be able to do an inspection in their home and be sure that their setup within their plumbing is in compliance with what our regulations are and the plumbing code," he said.

For example, Walker said under city rules, roof drains and sump pumps should not be hooked into the sewage system.

He said a licensed plumber and a city employee will be visiting homes in the area.

The first phase of construction on the project is nearly complete and the second phase is set to began. Phase two will involve installing four kilometres of new connections from Desbrisay Park to North River Road, just beyond Nassau Street.