The exterior of the Prince Alex Resort and Conference Centre will be complete before the snow falls, but the resort will not open until 2016.

Construction at the former Dynasty Spa property in Summerside has been delayed.

The Prince Alex Resort and Conference Centre was supposed to open this June, but it has been set back two years because developer Sean Liu is changing the design.

Liu took the design team to China on an 18-day trip in April.

"It was amazing. We saw a lot. We traveled and did a lot in those 18 days. Fourteen cities, stayed in nine different hotels," said Nicole Morrison, spokeswoman for the resort, who also went on the China trip.

"It really opened our eyes to what he was thinking and wanting, because he really wants a five star status."

A new design should be complete this month, and Morrison said workers will be back on the Summerside site in August.

Three quarters of the outside is complete. The outside shell is to be finished before it snows this year.

The resort is supposed to include a conference centre, two restaurants, a spa with pool, 116 rooms and 16 suites. The $20 million project is now slated to open in the summer of 2016.

A housing development near the resort has also been delayed due to cost.