Some residents in Cornwall, P.E.I., will have to change their street address to avoid confusion in a 911 emergency.

McArthur Street turns into James Street, but there’s another James Street nearby.

The provincial 911 co-ordinator alerted the town that having two streets with the same name could be dangerous.

"They just became aware of the fact that the way the streets were configured, it just could be confusing for fire or ambulance, or anyone responding to an emergency. We as a town wanted to comply with that," said Peter Meggs, who sits on the planning board for the town.

"Time is of the essence so you really don't want to have anything happen that cuts down on the response time. You know there might be some concerns because that can be a bit of a pain for people to have to do a name change like that."

Meggs said he's not sure what it will cost for the 10 residents to change their addresses.