Wellington Co-op

After two days without power and the loss of thousands of dollars worth of food, the Wellington Co-op should be back to regular business by Saturday afternoon, says manager Rick Arsenault. (CBC)

The Wellington Co-op had to dump a large amount of perishable food — including $17,000 worth of dairy products — after losing power for two days due to this week's storm.

Staff is still tallying losses from frozen foods and meat, store manager Rick Arsenault said.

Most of the replacement supplies are expected to arrive by truck Saturday morning, Arsenault said.

The store is also waiting on parts that are supposed to arrive Friday afternoon to fix three damaged coolers, he said.

The store has reopened, but it will likely be mid-day Saturday before it's completely back to business, Arsenault said.

"Well, we are open. We do have a few coolers that are still down from the power outage. Some damage was done to some equipment during the power getting shut off and turned back on … power surges. And we're in the process of trying to get them back up."

This was the Wellington Co-op's second major loss due to a power outage. During the 2008 ice storm the store was without power for three days.

Although the store's walk-in freezer has a generator, management is looking into buying another one after these two power losses. It would be expensive, but might be worth the money, said Arsenault.