Investigators are trying to piece together exactly what circumstances led to Charlottetown police shooting a 17-year-old male outside the Charlottetown Mall on University Avenue Friday.

Police say the teen is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Detective Sgt. Brad McConnell says they got the call late in the afternoon.

"We received a call at 4:37 p.m. this afternoon that an individual had been shot behind the Charlottetown Mall and that there was an armed suspect in the area," he said.

But when officers arrived, McConnell said the only person there was a 17-year-old male who was in possession of weapons.

Police won't go into detail about exactly what transpired, but they say the armed suspect did something that made one of several officers on scene shoot. 

"That is a judgement from the officer himself if he feels that his life or the life of his partner is in jeopardy, then he`s justified by using his firearm," McConnell said.

Teen faces charges

Police say they now believe the initial report of someone being shot behind the mall was false and there was no one else involved.

McConnell says the hospitalized teen is now facing charges of careless use of a firearm, possession of prohibited weapons, and public mischief.

The investigation is now being led by Summerside Police, which McConnell says is standard protocol when a Charlottetown Police officer fires at a suspect.

"They will be looking at the criminal charges associated to the individual but also keeping in perspective the actions  of the police at the same time," he said.

Police are also hoping the investigation will be helped by the number of security cameras located outside the mall.