More than 700 runners were part of Charlottetown's 22nd Run for the Cure Sunday, and they raised $147,000.

Melissa MacDonald was the director for this 22nd Run For the Cure. She runs for her daughters, whom she hopes never develop breast cancer.

"The ads that they've come up with this year for TV and print, they really focus on kids now," said MacDonald, "if we can do this now, and the money we can raise now and the awareness we can build now, how that will affect them later."

This year's honorary run chair was Jeanne Ready, a breast cancer survivor who has donated about a 1,000 home-made bags that people can use to hide the medical bags that collect fluids drained from their mastectomies.

Ready said seeing the crowd of runners on the Charlottetown waterfront is an inspiring sight.

"To watch them go down on Water Street, and turn around and see the hundreds of people come down, it's really, quite emotional," said Ready.

The money raised will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for research grants and awareness campaigns.