RCMP mounted its second operation this fall, Operation Strike Two, to catch people on P.E.I. in unsafe driving practices over the last weekend.

In particular, police were looking for people not wearing their seatbelts or using their cell phones while driving. Police laid 136 charges and issued more than 60 warnings.

The check stops included two RCMP officers dressed as construction workers, looking for infractions among motorists stopped at traffic lights. Const. Jeff Gillis of Queens District RCMP said the disguises were not elaborate, and the idea was just to get people paying attention.

"It wasn't necessarily to be covert to spot those offenders. The hats were even labeled RCMP," said Gillis.

"The purpose was to just keep the operation fresh and keep people talking about it and keep it in people's minds, you know what I'm saying? Generate conversation and to try and make an impact with folks."

Gillis said accidents related to cell-phone use and injuries from not wearing your seatbelt are both 100 per cent preventable.

He said there will be an Operation Strike Three next year, and there will also be some surprise element involved.