After a year of planning, ambulances and vans are shuttling 120 seniors and people with disabilities to their new home on Sunday.

The fleet will transfer patients in groups of two or three to their new location, about nine kilometres away on Maypoint Road.

“We have several teams involved. We have teams where their sole responsibility is literally to get people up and get them into wheelchairs,” said home administrator Andrew MacDougall.

“We have teams that are dedicated to transferring people from their wheelchairs to the door and we have people that are going to be in the vehicles to provide comfort and care as required as we make the journey up North River Road.”

MacDougall said the move, which started at about 8:30 a.m., will last until mid-afternoon.

The home has been planning the move for more than a year and hired Health Care Relocations at a cost of $75,000.

The province's palliative care unit will remain at the 81-year-old building, until the province spends $5 million on a new, 10-bed palliative care centre.