Police are investigating a vandalism spree at a P.E.I. trailer park this weekend.

More than a dozen summer homes were broken into in the Fairview area of Queens County.

Robert Vail was one of the victims. He hadn't planned to return so soon to his summer home, but spent Sunday checking out the damage.

"They took the boots to it first and when that didn't work, they got an axe or a crowbar and they smashed away," he said.

"They've taken money out of our pocket books as well. We're just Islanders. We're trying to enjoy our summers here."

Vail believes the thieves smashed the windows and doors to his trailer and also made off with liquor and electronics.

Police say all the thefts happened early Saturday.

Vail was perplexed by the extent of the damage. "I'm angry and I'm disappointed and sad all at the same time, but mostly puzzled. If they wanted a little bit of something, break the lock off the door — but why go about and damage trailers?"

Vail said break-ins happen every couple of years. He is planning to move out of the park.

Police don't know how many people took part in the vandalism and thefts, but are asking anyone with information to contact them.