A march organized by the P.E.I. and Canadian Health Coalitions drew about 100 supporters Friday in Charlottetown.

They say provincial and territorial premiers need to take a leadership role and stand up for universal health care.

Premier Robert Ghiz says if more money does not come from Ottawa, the provinces will probably have to make cuts in other departments, just to maintain what they have in health care.     

It's good to hear Ghiz take a stand, says Mary Boyd, chairwoman of the P.E.I. Health Coaltion.              

"So that's encouraging. There's a few other premiers saying a few encouraging things, but they have to hear the public because really medicare doesn't belong to the prime minister or the premiers. It belongs to the people of Canada. It's paid for from our tax base."

A group of about 20 other local P.E.I. groups also took part in the rally. They were protesting the likely adoption of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union.