Dozens of farms across the Maritimes opened their doors and welcomed visitors Sunday, giving people an inside look at where their produce, dairy and meat comes from.

More than 50 Nova Scotian farms and about 30 New Brunswick farms opened their doors to the public this weekend.

There were 20 farms open for viewing on P.E.I., including Randall MacFarlane’s.

MacFarlane said farmers and consumers need to connect more, to repair the weakening agriculture sector on the Island.

“The farmers and the people can't connect anymore and this is my way of saying, ‘People, this is where we're at.’ I need them and they need me,” he said.

That’s one of the goals of Open Farm Day: to connect consumers to the place where their food comes from.

On P.E.I. there are about 1,400 farms which employ nearly 5,000 people.

Olivia Desroches’s family brought her to MacFarlane’s farm in western P.E.I. to see one of her favourite animals, pigs.

Her parents believe it’s important their daughter understands the important role farms play.

“We think it's important, for our child to know where her food comes from and not just from a grocery store,” said Jillian Desroches.

Five-year-old Oliver MacFarlane acted as their tour guide, showing off his family’s livestock.

Oliver’s mother Melanie MacFarlane was happy to welcome visitors, showing off the family’s hard work.

“The cow needs to be milked twice a day, whether it's raining, whether it's snowing,” she said.