A young P.E.I. fisherman is looking for confirmation he may have hooked a new world record for the largest tuna caught by someone aged 10 and under.

Koen Norton with tuna

Koen Norton poses with what he hopes will be confirmed as a world-record breaking tuna. (Submitted by Kieran Larkin)

Ten-year-old Koen Norton was on his family's charter boat Sunday when he caught a 486-pound bluefin tuna off Naufrage Harbour, in northeastern P.E.I.

His father says that qualifies as a new record for largest tuna landed using the stand-up technique by a child 10 and under, but it still has to be confirmed.

Koen Norton said he has been practising his technique all summer.

"You do a squat, and then when you go up you reel, and then you keep doing it," he said.

Koen Norton tuna battle

Koen Norton struggles to keep a fish that weighs almost five times what he does on the line. (Submitted by Greg Norton)

"When he stops pulling me to rest, I just reel it to him so he can't stop and get a rest."

Koen said he fought for an hour to land the tuna, which weighed more than four times as much as he does. Because he was aiming for the record, he had to do it all on his own without any help.