Province House

The renovations at Province House in Charlottetown are complete in time for New Year's Eve celebrations. (CBC)

The scaffolding is down and the final inspection following a $1.8 million renovation of Charlottetown's Province House will take place Wednesday.

The outside masonry and interior structural repairs took five months, causing some inconvenience during the busy tourist season.

"We have to thank the province for being so accommodating on the inside. We did have some dust issues," said Parks Canada project manager Greg Shaw.

"Unfortunately construction season and visitor season overlapped. So we did have a bit of inconvenience to visitors, but the building remained open throughout. And I think everything worked out all right."

Construction was also ongoing through the fall sitting of the legislature.

Shaw said he's relieved the work is complete in time for a public New Year's Eve event scheduled at Province House to kick off P.E.I. 2014 celebrations.