Prairie farmers demand federal aid

Protesting farmers slowed traffic along the Trans-Canada Highway near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border on Wednesday. But drivers seemed to support them.

A one-kilometre convoy of farmers didn't seem to annoy many motorists.

Bruce Shaw, en route to Vancouver, said he's not troubled by the slowdown and hopes the farmers get government attention.

Another driver, Norman Mosset, said it's a disgrace the government has done nothing for farmers even though it's common knowledge they're in a financial bind.

The farmers blocked traffic with a convoy of tractors, pickups and grain trucks.

They're trying to call attention to what they call a farm crisis. Farmers say low commodity prices and high operating costs are making it difficult to make ends meet.

They say their communities will start dying off unless the federal government steps in.

The farmers are looking for the attention of federal politicians before the end of the election campaign.