Power hookup slow in Nova Scotia

About 15,000 homes outside Halifax and northeastern N.S. are still without power after Hurricane Juan hit early in the week

About 14,000 homes remained without power in Nova Scotia Saturday as the province began its sixth day of repairing the damage from Hurricane Juan.

As of 10:00 p.m. Friday night, 95 per cent of the 300,000 people affected had power restored, said Nova Scotia Power.

A priority continues to be restoring those homes outside the Halifax core and northeast Nova Scotia that rely on electricity to power their wells, officials said Saturday.

"We know our customers' patience is exhausted. Let me say again that Nova Scotia Power will not rest until power is restored to all our customers," said the company's chief operational officer Chris Huskilson.

Despite the reassurances, some people might not see the lights back on until next week, Huskilson said.

The hurricane began its trek across the province shortly before midnight on Sept. 28, sweeping along the backbone of Nova Scotia Power's transmission system that runs from Halifax to Truro to Pictou.

* Coverage from CBC Nova Scotia

Canada's military deployed about 800 people to help clean up the streets of Halifax and Dartmouth, which were littered with fallen trees.

With no refrigerators for basics like milk for children, stores will be allowed to stay open on Sunday to help those buying buy fresh food, water and other supplies.

Under normal circumstances, Sunday shopping would be illegal in the province.

In Prince Edward Island, 23 households remained disconnected on Saturday. A spokesperson with Maritime Electric said service would be completely restored on the Island by Sunday.

Two people were killed during the storm early Monday, including an ambulance driver on duty. On Saturday, hundreds of paramedics gathered for his funeral.

On Tuesday, a woman and her two children died in a house fire caused by a candle.