Poverty on the rise in Alberta

A new study shows poverty in cities across the province is increasing and not just in Alberta's two biggest cities. The Inter-City Forum on Social policy looked at the poverty level in 18 Alberta towns and cities. On average, 20 per cent of Albertans lived below the poverty line. Even smaller cities like Red Deer, Wetaskawin and Lethbridge have rates higher than that. Edmonton has the highest poverty rate in the province. Calgary's is also higher than the provincial average. The study concluded that poverty is especially bad for young people, the elderly and aboriginal people. The forum's chairman, Joe Ceci, says politicians at all levels need to address the problem. "What it tells me is that not enough is being done to address the poverty in Calgary," says Ceci, who is also a Calgary alderman. The poverty line for a family of 4 is about $32,000 a year.