Popular baby names in Alberta reflect royal visit

The high-profile visit of Prince William and Kate Middleton appears to have inspired Albertans to name their babies with a royal flair.

Monikers include Kate, William, Princewill, Queen, Prince and Princess

This video shows that, when it comes to naming their babies, some Albertans appear to have been inspired by the high profile visit of Prince William and Kate Middleton to the province last year.

According to a list of baby names based on the 50,000 children born in the province last year, there were 199 Williams, 50 Kates, six Princes, six Princesses and one Princewill. Other names with a royal flair included Queen, Reign and Royal. Some babies were named after regal terms from other cultures, such as Emir, Kaiser and Sultan.

Other names on the list, however, lacked any royal connection at all. They included Tuff, Tuba, Cedar, Juniper, Caliber, Pistol, Tank and Trooper.

The most popular names for boys and girls, respectively, were Liam and Olivia.