Police say raids crippled biker gang

Police in Ontario says Wednesday's ealry morning raids have out the Outlaws bike gang out of business.

Police in Ontario say a series of early morning raids around the province on Wednesday has crippled the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

They released details of more than 50 arrests and the seizure of clubhouses, motorcycles, weapons and drugs.

Deputy Insp. Don Bell, the head of the Ontario Provincial Police Biker Unit, said the early morning raids were "an excellent day for law enforcement."

The operation involved 500 police officers and was the culmination of a three-year undercover operation.

Bell was on hand as police tactical teams smashed their way into a clubhouse used by the Outlaws. He says he believes the operation delivered a body blow to the biker gang.

Now he says his unit will turn its attention to the Hells Angels. They moved into Ontario just over a year-and-a-half ago, quietly going about their business.

Many of the Outlaws arrested Wednesday are being held under new federal anti-gang legislation.