It's been eight months since the body of a St. Andrews woman, 42-year old Bev Rowbotham, was found in Selkirk. Now RCMP say their investigation is narrowing. Evidence already uncovered has led them to return to a search of the Red River.

On River Road, just north of Lockport, a team of seven RCMP divers has been deployed to search the river. Police aren't saying much only that they're looking for an object they believe is associated with Rowbotham's murder last year.

"We have a high level of confidence that it is worthwhile to be going in," says RCMP Staff Sergeant Steve Saunders. "We are confident we will find some evidence that will help us determine what happened to Bev Rowbotham."

Rowbotham's body was found in an abandoned car in Selkirk October 25. Police say she died of trauma to the head.

Since then RCMP have done extensive searches around the family home in St. Andrews and the roadways leading back to the spot where her body was discovered.

The area being searched by the dive team is approximately midway between the two points, where the road is very close to the river and it would be relatively easy to dispose of something.

Police will not comment on suspects or motives, but say they feel confident they'll be laying charges soon.