The Sret du Qubec has received almost 300 tips in connection with the disappearance of Julie Surprenant.

Constable Manon Gaignard says the police received many calls and some e-mail messages after releasing computer sketches of two possible suspects.

Investigators are checking every lead. "For now it's not possible to talk about the quality of the information," Gaignard says. She says the police will keep every tip and see if that information will give them answers to Surprenant's dissappearance.

Gaignard says the police will resume their ground search for Surprenant if any of the information indicates where she might be.

Surprenant's father, Michel, has doubled the $5,000 reward that an anonymous donor offered through Sun Youth for information.

The 16-year-old disappeared after she got off a bus a short distance from her home in Terrebonne, Que..