Police are intensifying their search for clues in the murder of a West Coast man. The body of Randy Cormier was found washed up on the beach near Stephenville Crossing last Saturday. An autopsy revealed he'd been shot.

Police are now confirming that the murder is probably drug-related.

Late Wednesday afternoon, just a few hundred meters from where Randy Cormier's body was found. He was supposed to be in court on Monday on charges of trafficking hash. His sister says he had $10,000 on him when he disappeared last month. Cst. Mike Dawson of the RCMP: "The victim himself was partially involved in the drug trade, or to some extent was involved in the drug trade, so rather than say that's not a fact, in fact it is, and we're going to pursue that to its conclusion."

They're searching all along the shoreline, using metal detectors and a tracking dog. But so far, not a lot to go on. Police say they're following all the leads coming in. But at this time they do not have any suspects. There's also some plain, old fashioned police work, going door to door. Talking to people in the neighbourhood.

Vincent Russell's already told police about seeing Randy Cormier the day he disappeared. He was talking to people in a Dodge car with blue licence plates: "That evening, I had gone down to the pizza house for a coffee, and as I was turning to go to the pizza house, I noticed that it was a red car. And I could see two people in the front seat but I couldn't see their faces or anything."

He saw Randy Cormier order what could have been his last meal. "That's too close to home," says Cormier, "and I somewhat knew Randy and he was a nice guy. He was a really nice fellow."