Police Commission criticizes handling of Estabrooks' case

The New Brunswick Police Commission says there was no cover-up, but there was bad police work being done in Saint John in the 1970's. Earlier this year, former Saint John Police Officer Ken Estabrooks was found guilty of indecent assault against children, crimes police knew about back in 1975. In a report released Monday, the commission called it substandard and unprofessional but said it's too late to do anything about it.

That decision does not sit well with the person who brought the complaint in the first place. His identity protected under a court order but he is one of the victims of former police officer Kenneth Estabrooks. He says a public inquiry is now clearly required.

"Especially now in light of verdicts that have come down. I think it's his responsibility to order a public inquiry into the goings on of the justice system here in Saint John and the Saint John police force."

Estabrooks was transferred out of the police department when he admitted to sexually abusing children in 1975 but he wasn't charged.

He was finally tried and convicted of indecent assault against children this September

The victim has just received an answer from the New Brunswick Police Commission saying there's no need for further action on his complaint.

In a news release today, the Police Commission says there's no evidence of a cover-up in the 1975 investigation of Estabrooks but it also says the force acted unprofessionally in " allowing a serious sex offence to go unpunished..." so that, " he continued to sexually assault children..."

In a fax to the CBC, the victim says the public has a right to know why that happened and he's renewing his call for a commission of inquiry.