Police are still waiting for the results of an autopsy on the body of a St. Andrews woman.

42-year-old Beverly Rowbotham was reported missing early Wednesday morning. A short time later, police found her body inside a car in Selkirk.

Police say Rowbotham left her house Tuesday evening, to go shopping at Safeway. They're now trying to trace Rowbotham's steps to see if she even made it to Safeway. "We've seized the security tapes from the Safeway store in Selkirk. And we'll be able to track through interac, the Safeway Club card, Airmiles, that sort of thing to see if they were used. We are continuing with the investigative team in interviewing potential witnesses and trying to identify potential witnesses," says RCMP Sgt. Steve Saunders.

Saunders says forensic tests were done on the car where Rowbotham's body was found. The car has now been placed in secure storage in Selkirk, in case police need to re-examine it.

Rowbotham, her husband and her two little boys have not lived in Manitoba very long. Saunders says they moved here from Regina about six months ago.