Pictures show final moments of couple killed in tsunami

Sons of Vancouver couple killed in tsunami have received pictures of their parents' final moments.

The three sons of a couple from North Vancouver killed in Thailand during the tsunami disaster have received pictures of their parents' final moments, including images of the deadly waves.

A man from Seattle doing relief work in Thailand recently discovered the digital camera belonging to John and Jackie Knill, who were vacationing in Khao Lak when the deadly tsunami struck. The camera was destroyed but its memory card was salvaged.

An autopsy in Thailand two weeks ago confirmed the identity of the Knills.

Patrick Knill, one of the couple's sons, said when he and his brothers first saw the pictures they were overcome with mixed emotions.

The pictures included shots of their parents enjoying their vacation, as well as shots of the huge wave crashing toward the beach. Each photo shows the waves approaching the shore closer and closer.

"At first I didn't want to even look at them. Then once I looked at them a few more times I got to really stare at them," Knill said. "I saw that the waves were just so huge and powerful and people were just standing there."

Knill said he does feel some comfort imagining his parents' last few moments alive.

"I just picture my parents hugging each other and knowing it would happen and taking pictures. Just in case someone found the camera and it did survive, they'd have something to see."

Twelve Canadians are now confirmed dead from the tsunami, with 13 still unaccounted for.