Photo radar on gov't scope

The Manitoba government is considering whether to allow the use of photo radar by police. It is something the City of Winnipeg has long favoured as a way of cracking down on drivers who speed.

Police set up the equipment, the camera photographs the licence plate of a speeding car, the registered owner receives a speeding ticket in the mail. That's photo radar.

Alberta and British Columbia use it and have seen a reduction of deaths and injuries from accidents.

The City of Winnipeg has been trying to get photo radar too.

"The bottom line is this is an initiative that saves lives and if we can communicate that, and demonstrate that through facts, public reaction is really secondary," says city councillor Dan Vandal.

The city has approached the provincial government to get a law passed allowing it to deploy photo radar.

The former Conservative government never agreed to it. But there are signs the NDP government may now take a different view. The province is setting up a steering committee to work with city hall on the idea.

"We're hoping that this will be on their next legislative agenda," says Vandal.