Officials have completed inspecting steel joists in the roofs of government buildings on Prince Edward Island. The inspections began after some joists, made by a Nova Scotia company, were linked to roof collapses in Newfoundland.

No serious defects were found after officials inspected joists built by the now-defunct Robb Engineering of Amherst, Nova Scotia.

The joists prompted the Nova Scotia government to spend millions of dollars repairing dozens of schools.

P.E.I.'s Public Works Department says it load-tested some of the joists and they stood up to twice they load they were designed to hold.

Deputy Minister Tom Harland says there is no need for further inspection or remedial action.

Robb Joists were used in hundreds of buildings across Atlantic Canada. In Nova Scotia, the government inspected every building it owns. Of more than 2,200 structures, 85 needed repairs to the joists.

The final bill for Nova Scotia taxpayers will be $8 million once all the work is done. The total cost to fix buildings with defective joists across Atlantic Canada has hit more than $15 million.