Business leaders in Calgary are trying to put Alberta's chronic labour shortage on the election radar.

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce has sent letters to the leaders of the federal parties asking specifically what they'll do to address the problem. The group said increasing immigration may be key to solving the shortage of labour – and for that, they say federal intervention is required.

"They're the ones that control the way and the process of how people get to Canada," said Heather Douglas, president of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Douglas said business owners and groups here are actively recruiting workers in international markets but many are encountering problems when it comes to the regulatory logistics.

In a recent survey conducted by the Chamber, 42 per cent of respondents said a shortage of skilled labour is critically affecting their day to day operations.

Dan Kelly of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, said the federal government should do more to improve the skills of people in the existing labour pool.

For example, programs that get people off employment insurance and back into the workforce would "help solve this very troubling issue," he added.