Pair in Giles shooting get life sentences

The young man and woman convicted in the shooting death of 22 year old Jeff Giles have both been handed life sentences.

Giles was shot in the face after the Foodfare store he worked in was robbed in December 1997.

On October 22, 1998, Jason Starr pled guilty to shooting Giles and was sentenced to life in prison.

Now 21 year old Sheri Lamirande and 22 year old Norman Guimond will also face life sentences after being found guilty of manslaughter.

In handing down his sentence Chief Justice Jeffrey Oliphant said the most striking feature in the case was the total lack of remorse shown by Lamirande and Guimond.

He also said the Giles manslaughter case is about as close to murder as you can get, and he saw no reasonable probability for rehabilitation.

Guimond's lawyer says there are grounds for an appeal.

"The judge seemed to be sentencing them on murder as opposed to manslaughter," says Jay Prober.

"He seemed to be sentencing them on previous armed robberies as well as murder, and being part of a criminal organization with which they were never charged."

Lamirande's lawyer says he will also appeal his client's sentence.

The family of Jeff Giles says they are considering joining a national advocacy group fighting for victims rights in the justice system.