Chief Dale MacDonald says the truck performed perfectly on its first call.

A village in Prince Edward Island has saved itself more than $200,000 by buying a fire engine on the internet, sight unseen.

Fire Chief Dale MacDonald said he needed to replace the pumper truck in Victoria, about 30 kilometres east of Summerside.

He said he would likely never have found the used fire engine he was looking for if he hadn't discovered the website for Firetec, a Vermont-based company that bills itself as America's largest used fire-truck dealer.

MacDonald found a 1983 GMC, which – priced at slightly more than $18,000 – was perfect for the Victoria fire department.

A new pumper truck could easily cost $250,000, he said.

"We never even saw it until it came. We saw it on the internet," MacDonald said.

"They told us how good it was and we didn't even drive down to Bridgewater, Vt., and look at it because they assured us."

He said the department was told that the truck was in good condition, with only two spots where the paint was chipped, and had less than 22,500 kilometres on the odometer.

MacDonald said the truck arrived in Victoria at Christmas and has been used since, performing perfectly.

The fire chief said he may return to Firetec soon. The oldest of the department's three engines, a 1956 Chevrolet, will also need replacing within the next few years.