The fiancée of a Gatineau, Que., man who has been missing for two months says his disappearance remains a heartbreaking mystery for his family, and she's doing everything she can to figure out what happened.

Yves Cyr, 41, was last seen Dec. 7 in the industrial park near Boulevard de l'Aeroport in Gatineau, Que. It was about 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon and he had just left work nearby.

His red pickup truck, a Ford Ranger, was found in a McDonald's restaurant parking lot on Boulevard Maloney at about 10 p.m. that same night. Cyr's bank accounts haven't been used since his disappearance.

"We were such a normal, quiet couple. It was work, home, work, home. ... We're not into drugs, we're not into alcohol, we don't go to bars, we don't go anywhere," said Anne Boudria, Cyr's fiancée, in an interview Sunday.

"You try to have a good life, you try to do good in life and then this happens to you, and why? ... It's so hard to understand and comprehend why."

'No sign at all'

Boudria said she believes he wasn't suicidal. 

Yves Cyr missing Gatineau

The 41-year-old was last seen in the industrial park near Boulevard de l'Aeroport in Gatineau, Que. He had just left work nearby. His pickup truck was found in a McDonald's restaurant parking lot on Boulevard Maloney seven hours later. (Courtesy Anne Boudria)

"There was no sign at all. He was the same person, the same smiling, joking guy like he always was, the morning of [his disappearance]," she said.

"We got up at the same time as we usually do, he gave me a kiss on the forehead, said I love you, see you tonight. And there was nothing different in his whole day at work. He was joking, he had lunch with his coworkers, joking the whole lunchtime. Nothing was different."

A $3,000 reward is being offered for information in the case.

Boudria said she feels helpless.

'I'm in limbo'

"I've gone through loss before, losing somebody. You go through that pain, you bury the person and you start slowly dealing with the pain and then moving on," she said.

"But I can't do that. I'm in limbo. I can't say he's dead but I have no idea if he is or if he's OK or somewhere and he's waiting for us to find him."

She's heading back to work Monday for the first time since Cyr's disappearance. The couple were supposed to travel to Mexico last week for their five-year anniversary.

"It's a real nightmare. I'm still sleeping and I'm still living my nightmare and I'm not waking up from it. And I hope one day I wake up and it's a good ending," she said.

Boudria said Gatineau police told her they've received some tips and so far, there's nothing to indicate any criminal wrongdoing.

The police investigation continues.