Piers Morgan to donate $5K to Ottawa hospital for World Cancer Day

British talk-show host Piers Morgan tweeted that he would donate $5,000 CDN to The Ottawa Hospital for World Cancer Day because the hospital helped treat Twitter user @pbechervaise.

Morgan credits hospital for saving life of Twitter user @pbechervaise

Talk-show host Piers Morgan was tweeting up a storm on Thursday pledging to donate to various hospitals and charities that treat cancer in honour of World Cancer Day. (Fred Prouser/Reuters)

British talk-show host Piers Morgan was very active on Twitter Thursday for World Cancer Day as he pledged to donate to various cancer charities and hospitals — including The Ottawa Hospital.

It came after Twitter user @pbechervaise asked him to match her $25,000 donation.

He agreed, pledging part of that to the Ottawa institution that treated her.

Morgan also pledged to donate to British hospitals and charities for World Cancer Day.

The Ottawa Hospital, which includes three hospital campuses, showed its gratitude shortly thereafter.

World Cancer Day is marked on Feb. 4 each year.