A Canadian refugee from Haiti is making a plea for help from Canadian authorities to bring her family to Canada after her 22-year-old daughter was kidnapped.

Marie Yvena Senatus-Prince said she has been waiting for her two children, two grandchildren and a son in-law from Haiti to join her in Canada since she applied to sponsor them in 2010.

Senatus-Prince was accepted as a refugee in 2010 on the basis that her family had been the victim of political attacks, including the kidnapping and murder of her brother in Haiti in 2006.


Marie Yvena Senatus-Prince said her daughter went missing in Haiti on May 17. (CBC)

In her application she wrote that she feared the children and grandchildren were vulnerable to kidnapping and violence if they stayed in Haiti.

$200K ransom demanded

On May 17, her youngest daughter, Emilyne disappeared and on May 20 kidnappers contacted Senatus-Prince and demanded $200,000 ransom. She said she does not have the money to get her daughter back.

Senatus-Prince's lawyer, Joseph-Alphonse André has sent another letter to Citizenship and Immigration Canada stating that in light of the kidnapping the application to bring the family to Canada has become urgent.

In French, the letter asked immigration services to take urgent action to help bring Senatus-Prince's family to Canada.

Through a Creole translator, Senatus-Prince pleaded for Canadian authorities to bring the rest of her family to safety in Canada.

She said the kidnappers said that they would burn down the house with her family inside. Senatus-Prince said if her family members are not brought to Canada she wants to return to suffer the same outcome as them.

Fabienne Lozis of the Ottawa Union of Haitians said the group had to deal with two kidnapping cases last year.

She said Haitian-Canadian try to avoid discussing the problem.

"We are all vulnerable, I believe we really have to talk about it more," she said.