Woman injured in carjacking

Police arrest man at St. Laurent Centre shopping mall after a woman was carjacked at Walkley and Conroy roads.

Ottawa police are investigating a carjacking after a woman was pulled from her vehicle at knifepoint yesterday morning.

Police say a man was trying to open the doors of cars stopped at the intersection of Walkley and Conroy roads, just before 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, Ottawa police Sgt. Mike Haarbosch said, and when the suspect reached the victim’s car, he found it unlocked.

"He opened the door and at that point forcibly removed her at knifepoint from the vehicle," said Haarbosch. "And in the altercation that ensued, the driver sustained some minor injuries."

Police arrested a suspect for an unrelated incident a short time later at St. Laurent Centre mall, and believe he’s responsible for the car jacking.

The stolen car was recovered after the arrest, charges were laid and the suspect is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.