Witness helps rescue man trapped in pool

A bystander helped rescue a 57-year-old man who drove his car into a private pool Monday morning.

Witness jumped in pool, used tire iron to smash window to rescue man submerged

A man, 57, was pulled from his out his car after losing control due to a medical emergency. 2:03

A 57-year-old man suffered a mild case of hypothermia after he drove his car into a private pool Monday morning.

A man had a medical emergency in Ottawa Monday while driving, which caused him to lose control of the vehicle and drive into a private pool. (CBC)

Paramedics said the driver lost control of the car near Baseline Road and Deerfield Drive at about 8 a.m. and drove through a fence into an apartment complex's inground pool.

Ottawa police say the man apparently suffered a medical emergency causing him to drive off the road.

Dan Kroeger, 28, was driving two cars behind the man when he saw him drive off the road.

"All of a sudden, the car just kind of shot off to the right, went over the curb, jumped right over a hill, made its way right through a fence and just dived right into the pool," Kreoger said.

The car ended up in the shallow end of the pool, which is about one metre deep.

Witness smashed window with tire iron

Kroeger, who was driving his girlfriend to work at the time, ended up jumping on the roof of the car with another bystander.

He then asked his girlfriend to grab him his tire iron from the car, which he used to smash the rear driver's side window. Then the two men pulled the driver to the side of the pool and handed him off to paramedics.

Ottawa Fire Services spokesman Marc Messier commended him for his actions and quick thinking.

Kroeger said he is happy neither the man nor himself or the other bystanders were hurt too badly. 

"[I'm] happy that everybody came out of it safe … a little cold, a little wet but it could have been a lot worse," he said.

Paramedics said the driver was conscious when they arrived. He was taken to hospital in stable condition.

The car remained in the water until just after 5 p.m. when it was removed by a tow truck. The car could not be moved, fire officials said, until all the water was drained.