An Ottawa-area mechanic has countered Mother Nature's winter antics by modifying a Smart Car with skis and tracks.

Tod Anderson, owner of Autobahn Tuning in Manotick, wasn't exactly sure how he came up with the idea but figured the compact vehicle would work perfectly. 

"I thought it would be fitting to try it on the Smart Car because of the size of the machine," Anderson said.

Spending two months and "probably $7000 worth of work" on the project, Anderson said the vehicle gets a lot of "double takes."

However, a sight like the winterized Smart Car isn't totally out of the ordinary in a rural setting.

"Out in the country this kind of stuff happens all the time," he said. "People are always modifying cars or trucks."

As for his next project, Anderson doesn't know if he will be able to top this idea but the automotive technician says he will probably think of something.

"I'm someone who just has to try things out."

With files from Lily Boisson