Double-decker buses will not run on Woodroffe Avenue, one of Ottawa busiest north-south roads, this winter, according to the union representing OC Transpo bus drivers.

The Amalgamated Transit Union 279 raised concerns after two of the tall buses toppled over in icy and windy conditions this past winter.

Union head Craig Watson said Woodroffe near West Hunt Club Road, which some drivers call "windy alley," will not see any double-deckers this time around in snowy conditions.

He said the union and OC Transpo have reached an agreement.

Buses to run on Transitway

"That road is built more for cars," Watson said, adding the buses will stick to the Transitway that runs adjacent to Woodroffe.


Craig Watson, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 279, says an agreement has been reached to take double-decker buses off Woodroffe Avenue this winter. (CBC)

"The Transitway is flatter and has more frequent snow removal."

The two winter crashes are still under investigation, with results expected by the fall. Watson said he believes wind and slush were major factors.

There have also been wind tests to determine if the OC Transpo double-deckers have design issues, according to Watson.

"I'm very impressed they've not left a stone unturned," he said. "They are making sure this bus will be safe for the drivers and the public and that there will be no issues."

Officials with the City of Ottawa were not available for comment.