The Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation says a $48 million Lotto Max ticket was sold in Ottawa, but has not yet been claimed.


The winning Lotto Max numbers on March 28, 2014 were 08, 15, 16, 21, 31, 37, 39 and the bonus number was 20.

The news release on Saturday morning also said a ticket sold in Timmins, Ont., is worth more than $521,000.

The $48-million winning lottery ticket has not been taken to a retailer or the OLG. The winning numbers were: 08, 15, 16, 21, 31, 37, 39 and the bonus number was 20.

The maximum prize for Lotto Max is $50 million.

In January 2012, a couple from Hawkesbury, Ont., just east of Ottawa, won $50 million in Lotto Max. They had purchased the ticket on Boxing Day.

With this win, next week’s Lotto Max jackpot is estimated at $10 million.