A white water rafting company will begin offering tours down the Ottawa River right in the heart of the nation's capital beginning in June.

Wilderness Tours has offered high adventure white water trips on the river at Beachburg west of Renfrew, Ont., for almost 40 years.

Now the company has been given permission to take customers downstream through the Des Chenes and Remic Rapids from Britannia to Lemieux Island, just west of Chaudiere Island.

Lemieux Island

Rafters will travel to Lemieux Island as part of the tour. (Google Maps)

Wilderness Tours founder Joe Kowalski said the rapids in the more urban setting are level two and three, in comparison to the level five rapids west of Ottawa. But he said they will offer plenty of thrills.

"Very few cities have white water in the middle of the city and if you can have a little adrenaline fix a short drive or a bike ride (away) you feel alive," he said.

After riding the rapids, clients will also be able to body surf in the calmer water, says Kowalski.

"There's Islands and we're going to go between the island," he said. "In fact you'd never know you're in an urban area in the Nation's capital."

Ottawa Tourism spokeswoman Jantine Van Kregten said urban rafting further brands Ottawa as a destination for recreational experiences right in the city. She said tour guides will also inform participants about aboriginal, fur and lumber trade history.

"That's where the overseas market will be fascinated by that," said Van Kregten.

"You're not just being told about the history of the Ottawa river you're experiencing it for yourself."