Where are the pay phones in Ottawa?

All in a Day listeners are sending in their pictures of pay phones throughout the city. Now we're mapping them.

The move to raise the price of a local pay phone call from 50 cents to a dollar had Alan Neal at CBC Ottawa's All in a Day wondering if pay phones were soon to be an endangered species. That led to an idea: get listeners to take photos of pay phones around the city, which led to an even more ambitious plan: to map those phones.

The above map represents a start to this process: we're less than halfway through your emails and tweets, but so far so good.

Ottawans have spied pay phones at gas stations, strip malls, corner stores and tucked away in odd places. If we've learned anything so far, it's that the city's pay phones have been hiding in plain sight.

Do you see a pay phone in your neighbourhood not seen in the map? Email