The brewery that makes Iron City Beer, which could be on its way to Ottawa if the Senators defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins, is a 152-year-old business currently in flux.

The Pittsburgh Brewing Company, which sits just outside the City of Pittsburgh in Lawrenceville, Pa., has persisted through many wars and prohibition.

But this week has been a roller coaster ride, with its CEO leaving the company on Monday — just one day before the U.S. Ambassador to Canada wagered a case of Iron City Beer in exchange for a case of Kichesippi beer.

Jess Ball, a member of the brewery's board of directors, said the business is changing its identity by moving toward a craft brewery in search of a return to the good old days.

Ball said the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, in tandem with Alcoa — the aluminum company of America — invented the aluminum and steel beer can. The brewery also came up with the screw-off top on an aluminum bottle and the tab opener on the beer can.

The beer is no longer brewed at the headquarters but remnants of the old brewery remain. Samples of bottles, cans and other memorabilia still sit scattered around the building.

Ball said he believes the Penguins will win the Stanley Cup, so it's unlikely Iron City Beer will head north, but exporting a case would be a "nice consolation prize."

You can hear more of Ball by clicking on the video link and see photos of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company above.