A CBC Ottawa videojournalist likes to post photos of what he does to cheer on the Montreal Canadiens through the playoffs, and it got us thinking. What Habs habits do you have?

PK Subban Roger Dubois Facebook photo

CBC Ottawa videojournalist Roger Dubois, right, is a huge fan of the Montreal Canadiens, and he's got an interesting way of cheering on his favourite team through their 2014 playoff run. That's star defenceman P.K. Subban on the left, by the way. (Roger Dubois/CBC)

Maybe you mimic some players by refusing to wash your socks.

Maybe you only drink a certain brand of beer bought at a certain LCBO on a certain day of the week.

Maybe you sleep with a photo of P.K. Subban under your pillow.

Send an email with the evidence to cbcnewsottawa@cbc.ca! We'll use the pictures to create a photo gallery. In the meantime, you can check out the gallery of our videojournalist's playoff shenanigans by clicking the gallery above.

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