A developer wants to turn the Island Park Auto building, which used to house the Champlain Oil gas station, into a drive-thru café but it's facing opposition from the city councillor for the area.

Kitchissippi Coun. Jeff Leiper said the proposed addition by developer Main and Main is "completely inappropriate" and would make the neighbourhood significantly less walkable.

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But some residents would accept any new idea.

A drive-thru did worry residents, though.

Several people also shared their opinions on CBC Ottawa's Facebook page.

westboro gas station cafe drive thru

Jeff Leiper, councillor for the Kitchisippi Ward, and several residents believe there is too much foot traffic in the area to add a drive-thru at the intersection of Island Park Drive and Richmond Road. (Emily Ridlington/CBC)

Some people agreed with the councillor. 

"I live a block from there and it is already very dangerous to walk through Island Park and Richmond; the same for the intersection of Island Park and Scott," said Jaime Alberto.

"I agree with Leiper — living two blocks from the site I see traffic issues and frequent accidents. This is not a four lane road like Baseline and Clyde nor is it a ghost town. It is a residential neighbourhood with a main street," said Alison McBratney.

"Idling cars, drivers crossing traffic all anxious to get in line so they can stay on their seats isn't doing anybody any good. I bike and walk through there all the time and it already reeks of cars at rush hour, all the lone drivers waiting to cross the bridge, now the stink can continue all day while people sit in their cars waiting for their order. Ugh, poor residents!" said Lynda Kitchikeesic Juden.

Others were in favour of replacing the eyesore.

"Sure. Don't develop. Leave an eyesore for the next X years. What else will replace it? Nothing?" said Donovan Romanyk.

"Traditional 'main' streets? You mean the sections of ghost town with sparse shops that go out of business every three months? The places that have little to no parking? Why would you want to preserve that? Bringing business to an area, is the best thing you can do for an area. Driving business out? What, you looking for land to build warehouses on in ten years or something?" said James St. Louis.

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