The parents of Tony McColl, who died Saturday in a head-on crash, say they hold no blame towards the young man who caused the crash. ((CBC))

The parents of a 19-year-old student who died in a head-on crash over the weekend say they hold no blame to the young man who caused the accident.

Tony McColl, from Gatineau, was driving friends home from a party when his car was hit in the early hours of Saturday morning on Highway 148 near Luskville, 40 kilometres north of Ottawa.

According to an MRC des Collines-de-L'Outouais spokesperson police had been chasing the driver of a Mazda Protege that crossed the median, after seeing the driver driving erratically, but broke off the pursuit because it was becoming too dangerous.

The driver continued to speed and a few minutes later lost control of his vehicle on Highway 148, just outside of Luskville, Que.

 The driver of the Mazda was 20-year-old Brandon Crawford of Shawville, the sole occupant in the car. He also died in the crash.

The four teenaged girls — friends of McColl's sister who he was driving home from a party — in his Honda Civic, were seriously injured.

Police say their injuries are not life-threatening.

Tony's parents, David McColl and Monica Thibault spoke to CBC News on Monday.

"We want the Crawfords to know that we hold no animosity, no anger, no vengeance, no blame and no judgement. They have suffered a tragedy as well. We wish the Crawfords, their family, all their friends and Brandon's friends as well all the deepest sympathies and condolences we can offer," said David McColl.

Tony’s friends started a Facebook group called Tony's Promise.

The group's description said "Tony's Promise is a basic agreement that if you join this group, you will never allow a friend to drink and drive again."

By Monday evening, 1,400 people had joined the group.

Provincial police are investigating whether the pursuit of Crawford by local police played a part in the deaths.

Police do believe alcohol is a factor and an autopsy is expected this week.