A candlelight vigil was held in Ottawa for the 12 people who died in the plane crash in Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

The vigil, which was organized by CUPE, went at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Canadian Labour Congress workers monument in Vincent Massey Park. Candles were supplied to all those who attended.

CUPE represents First Air flight attendants, two of whom were killed when the Boeing 737-200 crashed.

All 12 of those killed have been identified by outside sources, but the RCMP has only been able to positively identify one,  six year-old Cheyenne Eckalook.

Eckalook is the sister of seven-year-old Gabrielle Pelky, who was one of only three people who survived the crash.

The other survivors are Robin Wyllie, 48, and Ottawa student Nicole Williamson, 23, who are both recovering in Ottawa hospitals with various injuries.

It was also announced Thursday the remains of 11 of the 12 victims were transported to Ottawa from Resolute Bay for further investigation and help with identification.